Steve DiMeglioI live in Newtown which is in beautiful and historic Bucks County Pennsylvania, a few miles from where George Washington crossed the Delaware in 1776 to kick some Hessian butts in Trenton. My wife Karen and I are married 34 years and we have three daughters and two golden retrievers all of whom are very loveable and fun. We enjoy Sunday dinners with our family and friends at our house.

If you can’t find me, I’m probably in the basement working out or out in the yard throwing frisbees and tennis balls to the dogs. There is something awesome and amazing about watching an animal do what it does by instinct and breeding so well and with such joy. They catch and they bring it back over and over again until they decide it’s time to cool off in the creek or the baby pool we have for them on the patio. A plug here for the best dog disc on the market, the Dogobie. They are indestructible, fly true and far, and they sink so they don’t float away in the creek. Highly recommend them for the frisbee-loving dog in your life. Our big boy, Leo, loves them and so do I. The little girl, Tee, is all about the tennis ball and has them stashed pretty much everywhere in the house and yard so she can always pester you to play even when you think you’ve put them all away. Here’s a link to a video I recorded last summer.

We love to travel and hope to more of that in the future. I snowboard in the winter with the Philadelphia Ski Club who have graciously accepted this knuckle-dragger into their company. Traveling with our lifelong friends is always a blast and we try to do that as often as possible. We also spend a few weekends in Happy Valley at PSU games. All three of our girls are, or will be, alumni. We Are…

I love history and reading historical biographies, military histories, naval histories, national histories…and of course eagerly await the release of every one of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcasts. If you’re into history, Dan’s the man, informative, entertaining and thought provoking. Check him out.

Another thing I enjoy is going out to hear live music and performances of all kinds from rock to classical to folk to opera. I have no musical talent whatsoever myself and love to see and hear others do what they do best. I don’t know what it is about Australia but there seems to be a lot of talent coming out from down under. Every time I see Xavier Rudd I am more amazed. His music and his causes are both a joy and inspirational. He had Ash Grunwald on tour with him this year and he was also fantastic.

So that’s a bit about me for what it’s worth. Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you soon.

FamilyMe, Alyssa, Karen, Nicole and Alex in SF a few years ago


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